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Similarly eclipses that occur on lunation days affect the stock market and make it either bearish or bullish.

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Every man knows that his behavioral pattern is not the same every day. Some day he feels high and on some day he feels low, and the reason is not known to him. It can be concluded from this that planetary movements have an effect on mass psychology, and having said so, with reference to planetary movement, Vedic astrology can help understand stock market fluctuations. The life and fortune is based on the birth rasi or janma lagna.

In Vedic astrology, the 2nd house from the lagna is the house of wealth. The 2nd house should have a connection with the 11th house, which brings profit. The lord of 5th house is about mind that makes the decision. The 10th house has the highest responsibility; Saturn in the 10th House is the planet of Karma. This house signifies the kind of job you will do, or wish to do and how good you would do in that job. House 2, 10, 11 signifies satisfactory profession or business. House 6, 8, 12 is the place of wealth, and it is not favorable for stock market speculation.

There are combinations in the natal charts, which are conducive for a good cash flow through stock market deals. They are:. We are in an age when we are inundated with information on a constant and daily basis. The purpose of identifying key price support and resistance levels is in a way a method to drown out the daily noise on the charts; similarly, identifying times that are ripe for a trend change or continuation helps to drown out this daily noise whether in the media or in the price charts.

About Maria Rinehart: Maria is a market analyst and a financial astrologer who had studied astrology as a hobby for nine years prior to discovering a passion for the markets in That summer she timed the September 29th crash within a day. She posts regularly at mariarinehart. You can follow her market updates on Twitter.


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Saturn forces you to get up and get your act together. The other planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto tremendously affect you and your peers about the same way. Eclipses Then there are eclipses. They interrupt or rip the electrical field that protects the earth's atmosphere. In there was an eclipse visible over New Orleans. In August everyone there learned a lesson as did the folks who were devastated by Rita.

If an eclipse aspects your natal planets the sensitive areas of your life that will be triggered. Everything I mentioned above influences companies large and small as well! You can read about them in the Textbook for Financial Astrology. Kaye Shinker passed away suddenly in November, She is greatly missed. Email This BlogThis! Posted by Marley at PM 0 comments Links to this post. Why, we'd all be rich! Unfortunately there is always room for more than one interpretation of geocosmic energy and there is always risk involved in the financial markets.

Nothing is quite so simple. However, if we do our homework well and then use astrological principles to help time when we buy and sell stocks, we have the potential to increase our profits and greatly limit our downside risk in the financial market. Potential is the keyword here. The best way to use astrology for timing the buying and selling of stocks is to follow the principles that Kaye Shinker lays out in her Textbooks for Financial Astrology Then choose a sound and solid stock in a favorable sector.

Textbook 2 explains the astrological research involved in doing that.

Then, most importantly, research how that stock has performed during past transits by comparing the stock price chart to the transits of the IPO chart of the stock. For researching stocks according to their IPO and incorporation dates, the very best and most reliable source to use is Michael Munkasey's Company Data.

You may find yourself being surprised at what can move a stock price! The benefic planets still seem to line up as "good" planets in financial astrology, but it is the dynamic energy from 4th harmonic aspects that creates price change and market movement. Trines and sextiles can be just a momentary blip up in the price on a day when the entire market is substantially down.

Although there is no cosmic guarantee that a particular aspect will predict either a rising or falling market or stock price, there are a number of geocosmic contacts that often do produce a predictable rise or drop in price!

Stock Market Astrology: Will you succeed in Stock Market?

I have found if a planet is not aspected strongly in the IPO chart of a stock chances are, when transited, the price movement will not be significant or sustaining in either direction - up or down. Additionally, if a stock is badly aspected by a planet in it's IPO chart then a planet which is considered to bring about a bullish rise may surprise you when it does the very opposite!

And visa versa, if a stock is aspected very well by a planet that is considered to bring about a bearish movement - you may not see a negative effect, in fact, it can be very positive! Using a First Trade chart IPO you must take into consideration 1 the chart of incorporation, 2 the daily aspects of the moon, and which the phase the Moon is in New or Full or Quarter Moon phase and 3 pay attention to the unfolding geocosmic energy from planets.

Especially important are which aspects are applying to the First Trade chart as well as the financial sector of the stock at the same time as the stock chart.

Jupiter is very favorable to all planets and points with the exception of Jupiter aspects to Mars and Saturn which can trigger both favorable and unfavorable price swings. Remember to look at the IPO chart to see how these planets are connected Major aspects between Sun and Venus are generally favorable. Major aspects from Neptune to the Sun and to Venus. With Neptune comes times of uncertainty filled with hopes, wishes and dreams - they often coincide with false rumors and illusions. Be sure to take careful note of how Neptune is aspected in the IPO chart! Major aspects from Uranus to Venus and to the chart angles are generally favorable.

Note: one must be very certain of the accuracy of chart data if using angles and pay attention to how well Uranus is placed in the chart! Major Uranus and Neptune aspects to Pluto. Major Pluto aspects to an angle or the Lunar nodes. Again, be certain of the chart! A takeover can be favorable or unfavorable to a stock's price per share.

Pluto, representing power and control, is often involved by transiting aspect in buyouts and takeovers of corporations.

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Jupiter-Pluto an aspect representing optimism, expansion, change and a thrust toward power and success is often very favorable. Eclipses impact the market and the movement of stock prices by triggering, or turning on, whatever planets they touch within 3 degrees of the applying eclipse aspect. This geocosmic energy can be triggered during the eclipse or later when a transiting planet particularly Mars activates the eclipse degree by aspect. The hard aspects, especially the conjunction and square are most notable. Aspects to either Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus or the stock chart angles from an eclipse are all favorable.

Generally they will give rise in the price per share of a stock, while eclipses to Saturn and Pluto do the opposite and tend to drive a stock price down. During an eclipse stock prices can be unpredictable and erratic.