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It will depend on the astrologer, what they bring to their practice, and that in turn determines their audience. Astrology is the only ancient practice that is a widespread part of popular, mass culture today. It has survived because on some level it affirms our connection with our immediate and larger environment.

As articulated by Patrick Curry, with astrology, even when only considered entertainment, the understanding of ecology, as in the belief that the world is alive and therefore worthy of our respect, is further reinforced. That little horoscope, those 2 sentences that seem mindless, read in the back of a magazine, have that deep a philosophical root that is reaffirmed in a very quiet, unassuming way.

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For me, that is important. I love being a part of that. I love reminding people that they are part of a larger mystery, and that all lives are meaningful and magical. Everyone is loved exactly where they are, right now, in this moment, going through whatever challenge or blessing that is visiting for the time.

SL: As an Astrologer how do you understand fate and free will according to Astrology? They were telling the myths that illustrated what a mixed relationship the Greeks had with this very question. I also know that there are planets that speak strongly to fated events, and others that speak to an awakening of personal power.

This question comes up again and again in my practice. I feel that I try and walk that line. For example, I know that no matter how empowering terms I put it in, the fact that I am correlating personal emotion with the movement of the planets has a philosophical assertion of fatalism. Astrologers have tried to address this. Dane Rudhyar has stated that the way we understand the planets has evolved in relation to the way we understand our free will.

The planets are, in contemporary astrology, interpreted in much more psychological terms. I think that the more aware you are of energy, the more things can resolve themselves on that level and things do not have to manifest in life to get your attention. Do I believe in fate- to a certain extent, yes. I believe that we all have a divine, amazing plan for our individual lives and our astrology chart can give us clues as to what that full potential may be.

It can also reveal the lessons in the midst of difficulties. But we do have a very strong power to shape our lives and make them what we want. The trick is to trust a greater plan and pay attention to the clues. Astrology is a clue, an insight, into the magic and the mystery. It also provides a symbolic understanding of the lessons that are presenting themselves so that we can learn, grow, and become the people who can manifest that higher plan.

How has becoming a leader in your profession influenced your practice as an Astrologer and a Consultant in the field? So, for about years, the subject of astrology in the academic world has been largely ignored or, dare I say it, vilified. The situation is different in India, which has continuously offered astrological education at the graduate level, but I am speaking about the western tradition here, which is the system I practice. This has left a huge gap in the number of people who understand astrology from beyond the strictly technical.

In our non-formal time, we were able to discuss the more practical and technical stuff. What the MA granted me, and how it has influenced my interpretations, goes beyond just the new techniques I learned. I came to articulate what it is I am doing when I practice astrology, what I need to put myself in the right mind set to do an effective reading, and also, to take what I do really seriously, to respect it, and maintain its integrity.

I also see my role as helping the client or reader of my horoscopes to move closer to some type of divine understanding of themselves and their place in the cosmos. I share much of what I learned in the MA with every single reading I do. Like any good educational process, it is not about the degree, it is about who you become in the process. My education changed me, and I feel fortunate that I get to share some of that with people who trust me. SL: As an Astrology Consultant you must give readings and advice to a wide variety of people.

Have you found some people to be challenging to advise due to their preconceptions or possible skepticism? Nadiya: I honestly feel that when I am comfortable with what I believe, and myself I could care less. I think that is one of the greatest things of my education, that I understand what I do historically, religiously from a variety of traditions, and philosophically. At the end of the day, every one of us is just trying to find what is right for us, what allows us to feel comfortable with our selves.

I have found something that works for me and it is really ok that other people have their own path. I think part of this stance comes from growing up in Toronto, a city with a lot of diversity and acceptance in religion, thought, culture, and spirituality. Therefore, it does not matter if someone does not believe. On the occasions where a viewpoint is expressed I can usually identify its source, in my own mind.

Like, most arguments against astrology come from people like Cicero or Augustine, depending on the stance Another benefit of my MA! Understanding what I do from various perspectives, including the critical. If they have a question than I can engage in a conversation, and I respect the various perspectives, I have researched them and studied them. I know for myself, the times in my life when I have felt weak is when I have been the most self-righteous. It is ultimately a form of insecurity. Sometimes people are critical because they want to be right, they need that at the point of life they are in.

That has nothing to do with me. The more kind, accepting, and happy I am the better I can give that space to others and wish for them to experience the same. Practicing astrology gives me a personal relationship to my creator and allows me to connect to every religion, every culture. It is an act of solidarity and unity experienced in the moment. It is a powerful thing, as is any religious practice when approached with an honest heart. It is an important practice that allows me to honor my intellectual and spiritual ancestors.

It is a loving thing and a good thing. I am proud of that.

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Having said that, if someone comes to a reading and they have a lot of internal walls up due to their scepticism, then it becomes very hard to tap into their energy and give a meaningful reading because what I do is ultimately divination, it is a relisious and spiritual practice. It is esoteric. When people are open, they do not have to say anything, it is just a feeling, and the reading becomes more meaningful to them. I always try to deliver the message. SL: What does your job as a consultant consist of?

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Do you find a large part of your job includes educating your clients on a variety of relevant subjects Astrology touches on such as psychology, mythology, and sociology? Nadiya: I am always mindful of the balance between empowering people with a greater sense of their own power, especially their power of choice, and understanding the inherent assumption that astrology represents, which is a fate based world view. Therefore, I try to be mindful of that balance because I take what I do seriously, and want it to be as loving as possible. I understand life is not Pollyanna, but again, it is about how we interpret events that matters most.

If I am going to facilitate a self-fulfilling prophesy in someone, I would hope it would be something positive. I do believe that, as many people have said before me, that we are all here to do something special with our lives, we are created to do something special that only we can do in our own way.

I would like to impart that.

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For some people, the largely psychological explorations are most meaningful. For others, they want the more literal interpretations from older techniques. I use them all and find the balance as my intuition guides me is best for the client and also whatever they ask for.

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I always draw on various aspects of my education and my life in a consultation, so if the situation calls for it, I will share psychological, philosophical, even political theories, mythological tales, or antedotes from popular culture or my own life. I am aiming to make the reading relveant to the client and trusting the information that comes forth. SL: What do you see Astrology developing into in the next 10 to 20 years? Nadiya: I think astrology will always have a part of our culture because it serves such an important function. It makes the cosmos meaningful, and in a world that can feel more and more isolating and alienating, I think we yearn for that feeling of purpose and connection.

Astrology has lasted for all these milenia for exactly that reason. It affirms a meaningful world infused with spiritual energy, and therefore, we are also infused with it also. It affirms a truth that is so deep that many of us feel it to be true before we can even articulate it.

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That the world is not randomn and empty, but truly deliberate in every breath, every movement, every wind. As for credibility, that is hard to say. While I do think there will be a shift of consciousness that has already started but will accelrate after the winter solstice in that will bring many people towards esoteric practices and subjects. At the same time, as I often states in talks, astrology is a religious practice.

It cannot be empirically validated anymore than prayer or any other religious practice. Its strength lies in the meaning it grants our lives and that is deeply subjective and personal. SL: We all have heard of and the Age of Aquarius being transformational during our lives. What does Western Astrology teach us about who we are becoming and how the world is evolving in the near future relative to the Ages?

Nadiya: Well, a couple of things come up in your question. The first, As I stated earlier, there are many astrological signs that indicate a shift of consciousness at that time.

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Not a lightening type of thing, I think, more like the energy will shift and we will see movement in the direction of the esoteric. The mayan calendar ends and indicates the culmination of one cycle. But remember, their whole spiritual frame of reference was based on cycles, which means nothing ends, but is only repeated. At that time, with Neptune having newly come home to its ruling sign of Pisces, we will see a return to more mystical topics.