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Weekly Horoscope for Leo: September 2nd to September 8th. Weekly Horoscope astrology TV. Weekly Horoscope September 2 to September 8 Capricorn.

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Tomorrow's Love Horoscopes by Jordan Canon. Pisces Horoscope Pisces Astrology. Pisces Horoscope For Monday, September 2, Sun's entry into zodiac signs, Human World EarthSky. Horoscopes - The Himalayan Times. Pisces Horoscopes pisceshoroscopesnow - Instagram Posts. Reinvention queen Madonna is a Leo, as is the ageless and ever-limber Jennifer Lopez. Leo energy is an endless bag of tricks—and Leo season is a time to do something edgy and fun that disrupts the boring status quo.

During Leo season, let's all hold our heads high instead of staying small! Leo is ruled by the proud and regal Sun, the center of our solar system. During Leo season, we may occasionally, um, forget that the world doesn't revolve around us. Egos can run amok. Defending our "honor" or "principles" can start to sound a lot like bullying and bigotry. So feel free to have an opinion—and to take a stand for it.

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Just make sure you're not silencing someone else's right to have theirs. Prepare to dodge some chest-beating loudmouths during Leo season. Let's not get so dazzled by the show ponies that we end up running off with their circus! Here's a LeoSeasonChallenge we could all take on: Let's spend as much time thinking about what comes out of our mouths as we do adorning and primping ourselves for "the stage"—and maybe, just maybe, our righteous roars can make a difference. Infuse your intentions with love and that mighty bellow will become a rallying cry for everyone to claim the Leo season birthright: passion, fierceness, and joy!

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