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Think about what happens during a visit with an astrologer: someone holds your hand even if only figuratively , looks you in the eye, and explains how you, as an individual, are actually connected to our entire cosmos.

You are told how mysterious forces in the universe around us, far greater than ourselves, work to shape our intimate destinies. You are told relatively flattering things about your character and life, and in the end, you are naturally pleased that someone cares about you. In the hectic and generally disconnected modern society, you feel connected — both to another human being and to the world around you. Most likely, you even get some vaguely useful advice about your future.

Daniel Cohen wrote in the Chicago Tribune in that:. In an uncertain time, when religion, morals, and ethics are shattered so regularly that one hardly notices that they are gone, the astrologer holds out a vision of a world ruled by forces that operate with clockwork regularity. In addition, astrology is glorifying.

Instead of feeling himself a mere slave in the hands of different hostile forces, the believer is uplifted by his connection with the cosmos. The sort of misty character analysis that astrologers engage in cannot be considered proof at all. Who can object to a flattering description of themselves?

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One astrologer told me that under my hard exterior I was a sensitive person. How was I to reply to a statement like that? Could I say, 'No, I am really a hardheaded clod'? What we have, then, is personal advice and personal attention from a kindly authority figure. They don't really have anything to do with the matter — the planets are simply the excuse for the meeting. All the talk about ascensions and quadrants serve to make the astrologer appear to be an expert and authority figure, thus setting the stage for the quality of the encounter.

In reality, the charts and horoscope are just smokescreens to deflect your attention from what is really going on, which is a cold reading. This is simply an old carnival trick, employed today with great success not just by astrologers, but psychics and mediums and hucksters of all brands. The two-timer tends to be a sign who's particularly indecisive Gemini , non-committal Sagittarius or super sexual Taurus. Their partner-in-crime tends to be someone who loves the attention Leo , falls for people regardless of consequences Pisces or is just reaaaaally good at keeping secrets Scorpio.

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As for the blissfully unaware? It's likely to be Cancer too trusting , Capricorn too loyal , or Aquarius too in-their-own-world to notice that their partner has been "working late" four nights in a row.

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There are certain astrological events that make the messiness of love triangles really come to life. Here are some to watch out for:. Solar eclipses are huge because they push you to start something new and daring , which, for some people, means a new relationship while you're already in one or going after someone who's very clearly monogamous with someone else. Lunar eclipses are the opposite of solar ones: they're all about letting go of baggage to make way for new things.

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Again, that could mean dumping one partner for another, or trying to convince someone else to ditch their S. Obvi, these are on here! The next one coming up is on Halloween AND in Scorpio, the sign of secrets, so more than one mask is probs coming off that night! Mike: If this impairs the President's ability to do his job, isn't that the reason for the VP? Trump is busy in court, so Pence handles the duties.

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