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It is believed that Proserpine is responsible for global changes in human life, leading to a complete reorientation, a complete restructuring. It gives the ability to know the World in the smallest detail and detail, connecting them into a single whole, into a system.

Proserpine is the spirit, it is the inner transmutation, the alchemy of the human soul. Lilith - Selena of the point of removal Apogee, Perigee from the Earth in the orbit of the Moon, while moving it around the Earth. Identify the two poles of moral and moral qualities of a person. There are: 1 Affect the earliest stages of the formation and development of the essence conception. There are the deepest and unconscious primary links and attitudes in our relations with others, nature, etc.

These initial connections are very important. They form the foundation of the personality, the original matrix. Dispositor - the planet - the ruler of the Sign of the Zodiac, where the Top of the House is located, is the disposer of the planet in this House. That is, a planet in the House of which is another planet, is the dispositor of that planet. Mars is the dispositor of Venus in Aries, since it controls this sign; Saturn in Capricorn is itself a dispositor, since it controls this sign.

Aspects of planets and cusps of houses - are presented for more advanced in astrology users.

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Plans make communication with each other on certain accounts, called acicts distances between planets. The connection of the planets is an aspect of the connection of the planets. Connection of 2 planets - if it is up to 1 degree, for the Sun-3 gr. If the planets are in the same degree, then there is a merger - they do not act differently.

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The greater the distance between them, you can see that they can act separately, they seem to be trying to merge. The strongest impulse of action goes through the connection. The strongest interactions are born through a connection. This is a great energy, concentration at one point.

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Strength, energy, action. If the planet is from the sun at a distance of 3 degrees, then it is considered burned. As a result of an exact connection with the Sun, something new, a synthetic action, arises. The planet in conjunction with the Sun - the world perceives differently, an independent impulse through the Sun.

The planet is captured by the energy of the Sun. Affected planets - in astrology, the affected is a planet that has many tense aspects in the horoscope. A planet with tense aspects always creates difficulties that need to be overcome.

If you have very tense planets in your horoscope, it is believed that certain karmic tasks are set before you. In order for a person to notice these tasks, fate places certain obstacles in his way, overcoming which, the person solves the specified problems. It happens that a person does not want to solve these problems, or postpones them for later, and then he is surprised - why is he so unlucky in something?

Then these unfulfilled tasks are transferred to subsequent incarnations, and your soul is born with an increased burden of problems. A severe defeat of the planets means that your karmic debts are very high, and some of the obstacles will necessarily be presented in the form of suffering and strong restrictions - physical or moral. But, as they say, everyone is given as much as he can bear. Therefore, the highly affected planets in the horoscope can symbolize a high soul, which has outlined a great work for itself in this embodiment.

And here it depends on the person - to overcome obstacles, to become a high soul, or to break from the failures that he creates for himself. In any case, the defeat of the planets means an alternative: either work, or suffering and limitations. If the defeat is severe, the restrictions will be mandatory, but the person has certain opportunities to overcome them. Tense aspects - tense aspects black are aspects of conflicts, destruction of the old, dynamics; they require a great deal of effort on the part of a person, but they can be actively developed. There are obvious and hidden tensions.

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  4. Explicit strained aspects. If the planets are confronted with an accuracy of 0. The opposition is an obvious major aspect, corresponds to the element of Fire. The opposition gives confrontation, rebellion, a pronounced conflict, puts a person in front of the problem of choice. If the Sun is in opposition to Uranus, then this is a struggle between one's ego and the desire for change, a person is drawn to innovations, reforms, freedom, but the primary self-determination of the Sun in man causes a mutiny, a rift, a conflict that is constantly manifested.

    On a man with the Yin cosmogram, this aspect has a serious effect: internal and external discord. Jahn man is in his element, in overcoming opposites, in the struggle he enjoys. If Mars is in opposition to Venus, then there is dissatisfaction in love.

    Opposition refers to the ever burning, constantly acting fire, this aspect is constantly acting. The aspect of quadrature in the form of manifestation is discrete, major, intermittent, corresponds to the elements of Air unsteady element. The quadrature is an unstable, sudden aspect, manifests itself sharply, in a person forms disturbing feelings, gives conflicts, sudden outbursts of unbalance, tension.

    A person can do anything in the name of some business, but can easily and unexpectedly get out of the situation. The square can be perceived by us as a stronger aspect than the opposition because of the suddenness of manifestation. Opposition gives a stronger result, but quadrature is perceived more strongly because of the unpreparedness of our consciousness to accept an unexpected situation.

    On quadratures, one can very much live and even live well, although life will proceed in tension.

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    Hidden tense aspects. The semiquad. A semiquad - a hidden, minor, tense, discreetly manifested aspect, contributes to the creation of an energy field of a certain medium. This field acts on us destructively, if the planets in the semi-square are not strong. At the same time, through the semi-square one can perceive ideas that "float in the air. In an evil planet, no aspect can be good, good. The half-torus corresponds to the elements of the Earth, this is a powerful, minor, but hidden aspect.

    Half-rootkit gives a secret undermining of the roots, secret hidden blows, return of situations; a person closes at a certain level. In character, a half-cycle gives a secret struggle, the ability to return back to certain problems, a person has a constant internal tension, a sense of inevitability of strikes, which are sometimes perceived as greatly exaggerated. It's bad when a half-root is connected with evil planets.

    This gives revenge, persecution, obsessions and phobias, to which a person constantly returns. At best, this is an aspect of a secret, constant struggle, the undermining of unnecessary foundations among revolutionaries , the aspect of a return to the sources.

    The more hidden aspects in the cosmogram, the more a person unconscious acts in the life the moon controls the sphere of the subconscious. If a tense aspect clearly prevails in the map, it is more likely that it is precisely the tense aspects that will be a source of constructive change in human life however, the changes themselves will not necessarily go smoothly , and harmonious aspects can simply go unnoticed. If the dominant aspect is harmonious, then the tense aspects will carry with them only problems, and all positive changes will be determined by harmonious aspects.

    Zodiac, the sign of the Zodiac - the cosmic reference system of "solar birth signs," symbolizing life characteristics.

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    The astrological Zodiac is an imaginary circle that travels around the Earth in the plane of the ecliptic. Its first point is 0 degrees Aries, where the circles of the Ecliptic and the Equator intersect. Zodiac signs characterize the Earth's position in space, i. Signs emit energy, and planets are its amplifiers and transducers. Earth and man on it are the focus of the action of these energies.