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This is the signature of Uranus, freshly into Taurus. Aries March 20 - April A fresh download or something read, said, or viewed could kick-start it Thursday. Creative projects and choices are your best bets. Mercury retrograde is best used for introspection, clearing emotional clutter, and spiritual replenishment. Enjoy the now; soon the pace picks up. Taurus April 20 - May The next couple of weeks take you through an important sort-it-out process.

Libra daily horoscope – March 13 | Yasmin Boland

Place yourself in observation mode and allow your intuition to inform you. Work on inner stillness and watch for answers and clarity to come naturally. Mars in Taurus keeps you well on track through the week ahead. Gemini May 21 - June The transit can prompt a temporary shift of priorities regarding the way you do business.

Trust your instincts, feelings, and first impressions. Cancer June 21 - July Where are you going and how are you going to get there? With uncertainty looming so large, the future can seem like an overwhelming prospect. Mercury retrograde allows you more time to reflect. Mars holds you steady despite everything else.

As you move through the next few weeks, watch for a revelation, a personal breakthrough, or for circumstances to set the play in motion. Leo July 22 - August Spontaneity is your best play, but while Mercury is retrograde, know it is far too easy to go too far, promise or spend too much. Make sure you know what you are getting into first.

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Weekly Horoscope: March 11 - 17

On another note, the transit is a good one for taking quality time out for creativity, romance, or a personal regroup. Virgo August 23 - September Peace and quiet can do you plenty good. Take time to feel your way along. Now through next Wednesday, your intuitive radar is sharp. Despite whatever Mercury retrograde dishes up, Mars in Taurus keeps you hitting the mark very well. Libra September 23 - October Mercury retrograde continues to keep you deeply submerged in a process, job, or task.

You can do no better than to allow yourself to do just that, but make sure it is in a healthy way. Thursday through Saturday keeps you on a good cut to the chase. Scorpio October 23 - November Despite Mercury retrograde, for the most part, you should find you are moving along an excellent track, especially regarding creative enterprise. Thursday, quick thinking does the trick.

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Through Saturday, stick to spontaneous, straightforward, natural, ready, simple, and easy. Sagittarius November 22 - December Feel like hiding out or disappearing for a while? Such is the nature of the sun, Neptune, and Mercury retrograde in Pisces. Expect to stay completely immersed in an emotional journey. Memories flood in.

Follow instincts and intuition. You could experience a breakthrough in your reputation when Mercury in your career house forms a sextile with Jupiter in your partnership house.

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Remain open to networking and positive interactions with friends and colleagues. You're also on the verge of a spiritual understanding that comes from within. When Mars and Saturn form a trine, you'll unleash intuitive power. You'll learn important, life-changing things when you look to the darkness this week. Allow yourself to be transformed and changed when Mercury in your philosophy house forms a sextile with Pluto.

You're seeing the big picture and it's not what you expected. Your social life will also find plenty of stable ground and longevity when Mars and Saturn form a trine. There is creativity radiating from your shadow, so allow your feelings, no matter how strange or difficult, to power you.

Daily Horoscope: March 13th - March 14th

You're feeling beautiful, dark things when Mercury in your eighth house of death and rebirth forms a sextile with Pluto. There is a major career development on the way when Mars and Saturn form a trine.

Horoscope for Wednesday, March 13, 12222

You are working hard and you will continue to work hard. So many relationships are experiencing growth and love this week when Mercury forms a sextile with Jupiter. You're feeling a connection between both your friends and your family. When Mars in your adventure house and Saturn in your pleasure form a trine, you're feeling a spike of creativity and open-mindedness that will take you far.

Ride it all the way to the end. When Mercury in your work house forms a trine with Jupiter in your communication house, you're feeling wildly intelligent and productive. It's not that you need concrete results to prove your power. It's that you have the right mindset to take the first steps. When Mars and Saturn form a trine, you'll connect with something emotionally that you've had trouble connection with before.

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When Mercury in your house of pleasure and fun forms a sextile with Jupiter in your money house, there is potential for creative ways to make and spend money this week. Let your artistry lead the way. When Mars and Saturn form a trine, there is potential for a deeper communication between you and a partner. The exchange of truth, cooperation, and information is underway. You're feeling a renewed connection and place in your home or family and it's bringing you so much comfort.

When Mercury and Jupiter form a sextile, you'll know where you belong. There is plenty of energy to get things done this week when Mars in your work house forms a trine with Saturn in your money house. You're seeing what it takes to create the life you've always wanted.

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Your thoughts and conversations will take on darker, more honest and spiritual undertones when Mercury forms a square with Pluto. You'll think of things you didn't think of before, and an instinct to go the distance will take you far.