Capricorn weekly horoscope march 16

March The 20th is the perfect time to make moves and accomplish what you've been dreaming of. But by the full Moon of the 20th and 21st be ready to focus on partners, and what they're thinking and feeling. With Mercury out of sync since the 5th, some dilemma that's been holding you hostage is going to work out in your favor when Mercury changes directions after the 28th. This month with heavenly Venus at the top of your chart and adrenaline-filled Mars in your sign, you can accomplish whatever you set out to do.

The one issue is that Mercury—the planetary messenger—is going to be out of phase until month's end, so you'll have to wait to finalize some crucial things. Indulge in social pleasure while the Sun's in Pisces, and then be prepared to go private and take stock when the Sun dives into Aries after the 20th.

Capricorn Weekly Astrology Horoscope 16th September 2019

March The 18th and the 20th are the right times to talk out situations that seem to be intractable. And the full Moon of the 20th and 21st is in the sign of Libra, so it's all about harmonizing with others and focusing on whatever needs to be completed. Be patient, because details will start getting sorted out, and you'll begin to find yourself on the same page with important allies after the 28th.

The Sun and New Moon in dreamy Pisces aren't conducive to clear thinking; and with Mercury, your planetary ruler, moving backwards, your challenge is to stay alert and keep others clued in—something you excel at. Your public, professional self is on display this month, especially on the 6th, but Mars in a hidden part of your chart means that you're not in a position to call the shots.

By the 31st, though, nothing can hold you back. March If you speak up and make your wishes known on the 18th, you will get the ball rolling, even if you don't get instant results. And the full Moon which culminates on the 20th and 21st is lighting up the most social and creative part of your chart in a wonderful way.

With Venus moving towards the zenith of your solar chart by the 26th, your star is on the rise. Your birth sign is in harmony with the Sun and Moon during most of March, and both faraway spots and fresh options are calling out to you. Dare to dream and to follow your whims, especially near the 10th. Partners are likely to be more receptive to new plans than you anticipate, and you can agree on issues that set you on a more rewarding track.

Putting your ideas into action is the theme near the 21st, and home and hearth are in the spotlight. March Contact with those at a distance is accented on the 18th; and once the Sun enters Aries on the 20th, you'll be entering a particularly active cycle. The full Moon that spans the 20th and 21st falls in the harmonious sign of Libra, lighting up a personal and home-related part of your chart. Venus entering Pisces links romance with travel after the 26th. Left: Princess Diana.

Mars in Taurus clashes with your Sun sign this month, and you're likely to be highly motivated while running the risk of coming on too strong.

Still, March is full of promise for you, especially around financial and creative collaborations—so try to remain calm while striking out in new directions and drumming up interest and support. Be prepared to wait until month's end, though, to sign on the dotted line. March Your aspects are looking good on the 18th and 20th, so don't hesitate to do and dare.

The full Moon that spans the 20th and 21st is a great one for enhanced communication and face-to-face meet-ups. Don't be too concerned if others seem a bit vague and distant near the 24th, because once Mercury turns direct on the 28th, the clouds will lift.

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Because Mercury, the communicator, will be out of sync in your relationship angle, others may be indecisive or slow to get back to you. Still, the new Moon of the 6th indicates that partnerships are entering a fresh, new stage and that you should try to tune into what's going on with key people in your life. New plans may be stuck in a frustratingly drawn-out phase, but the meeting of minds that occurs at month's end will be your reward. March Contacts at a distance and travel can lead to new inspiration near the 18th and 20th; and developments near the 21st are telling you to train your focus on your financial arrangements and turn over a new leaf.

Whatever happens near the 24th, give yourself time to mull over your all the possibilities until the 28th. You're on the brink of a somewhat stressful and active new phase. You'll be focused on sorting out somewhat convoluted situations in early March, but you also seem to be getting results. The more research you do, the better, so be a detective and try to pin down new facts and information, especially any involving your present financial arrangements.

The full Moon in your sign on the 21st is telling you to launch new plans, and Mercury's direct motion on the 28th is also a signal to take action. March Thinking progressively and proactively is what it's all about near the 16th—and don't hesitate to make sure that your voice is heard. You have very promising aspects where property- and home-related affairs are concerned on the 20th.

Daily Horoscope for Your Zodiac Sign

Venus's entrance into Pisces on the 26th is urging you to focus on harmonizing with those who work for and with you. With the Sun and new Moon ensconced in the part of your solar chart related to entertainment and social fun, it would be easy to float through the first 3 weeks of March in a happy daze, but Mars in Taurus probably won't let you. Partners are likely to be in an action-oriented mindset and, in fact, joint endeavors and creative ventures promise to be highly rewarding.

Indulge in some needed private time near the 20th, and get busy with new plans at month's end. March Now is the time to back up your words with actions—and aspects involving Mars and Pluto on the 20th indicate that others will be very much in your corner. The 21st promises to be a time when your ability to be supportive and generous will work in your favor; and your stars are telling you to follow your heart when Venus enters Pisces on and after the 26th. The new Moon at the nadir of your solar chart on the 6th is a harbinger of positive change in personal and home-related matters. And with jaunty Jupiter now strongly situated in your birth sign, your inborn optimism is carrying you forward in your life towards greater happiness.

Even if you're pushing the limits near the 15th, the full Moon of the 20th and 21st promises great results. And with Mercury turning direct on the 28th, all signs point to go. March The more focused you are on the 19th, the better, as you seem to have the wind at your back. With a full Moon in Libra that peaks on the 20th and 21st, it's also time to get out and about to do some serious networking. Venus's entrance into Pisces on the 28th is a wonderful augury of happiness at home. Consider how your ambitions are created by beliefs passed down from your family, too. You have a lot of energy to put yourself out there and command respect as action planet Mars harmonizes with power planet Pluto, encouraging you to be authoritative when it comes to filling your pockets.

There is a fight-or-flight energy to financial security, but maybe you already have enough and your fear of scarcity is simply an expression of greed. You are safe, Sagittarius! Use this power to protect others. You can conquer the world, Capricorn, but remember to be gentle!

Warrior Mars harmonizes with power planet Pluto, encouraging you to spread your agenda to the farthest corners of your reaches. Pluto has a dark side, though, and can be greedy or manipulative. Not that you want flies. Messenger Mercury clashes with your planetary ruler Saturn, the planet of responsibility and getting shit done. Your structural planetary ruler ends its retrograde, and things that have been slipping through the cracks not that you could control it come back in classic retrograde fashion.

Your Horoscope This Week

For the past few months, people and situations have not been living up to your standards of punctuality and personal responsibility, leaving you with no other options as your time has slipped away. The planet of communication, Mercury, clashes with Saturn, opening you up to a new spiritual or philosophical angle on the nature of time. Optimistic Jupiter clashes with confusing Neptune, yet again, finding you listless, shooting arrows into the ether.

Things look exaggerated and even hallucinatory as Neptune distorts reality. Get lost in art and film instead of making important decisions related to your career. Brainstorming and getting in touch with your dreams and wishes are a more productive use of this planetary energy.

ARIES (Mar 21 – Apr. 20)

You can get in touch with the right people with the deepest pockets as Mars harmonizes with power planet Pluto. Take your time, Aries. Try doing one thing every day instead of, like, trying to tackle an unrealistic number of tasks in one go. Although you have a lot of energy to get stuff done and cover a lot of ground, there may be some oversight.

You can make some important commitments and collaborations as messenger Mercury clashes with Saturn, planet of responsibilities. Collaborators can show up for you in ways that show that you are taken seriously. You deserve to have your authority respected. Intense passion and willpower flows in your romantic and platonic relationships as action planet Mars harmonizes with Pluto, the planet of resources and, naturally, power.

You have a lot of energy to share the wealth with your closest kin. Your ideas are powerful, so see them into action! This is especially true as Mercury, the planet of ideas, clashes with Saturn, the planet of responsibility—action must be taken to show where you stand in your beliefs and where you draw the line. Think of ways that your academic brain can be applied to your day-to-day schedule.

Weekly Horoscope: September 16 - 22 - VICE

Consider this: Are you a bad influence, or are others a bad influence on you? Jupiter, the planet of expansion, clashes with nebulous Neptune, and your relationships can lead you down a slippery path. Artistic and playful connections are positive embodiments of this planetary energy, but look out for any sort of manipulation or dangerous dynamics. Your planetary ruler Mercury clashes with Saturn, the planet of boundaries, encouraging you to change unhealthy relationship dynamics thoughtfully and gracefully.

Be an active listener this week, Cancer. Mars, the planet of action, harmonizes with power planet Pluto. If someone is telling you that they feel hurt or jealous, use your empathetic superpowers to show that you hear them. You can intensify your relationships by showing how much you care.

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