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The first time we met, I can remember him telling me that we click. We communicate so well. I hate to say it, but I really do like this guy a lot. I am D pisces n my life partner, lover is S aquarius.. So we are loved each other so much.. As an Aquarian whose first great love was a Scorpio wow and second great love was a Capricorn ugh Good point. I'm Pisces married with an Aquarius for 47 years. We got married in after 28 days we were introduced by a friend. Question for the author: Do you think Scorpio that has reached Phoenix is a better match for Aquarius or Pisces?

When I was 16 was in a relationship with a 21 year old male Pisces. We meet in the theater playhouse. We were together for about 2 years but the last 6 months were on again off again so closer to a 1 year and 6 months. He was incredibly sweet and open with me. I fell for him so slowly because I was afraid of how much I liked him but he fell for me quite quickly. We had good and bad days together. Our bad days were mainly my fault because being emotionally vulnerable is sometimes hard for an Aquarius.

Why Aquarius and Pisces Are Attracted to Each Other

Some days my feelings for him became too much for my little aqua brain to handle so I'd become distant and he'd be hurt but he never complained. It kind of went wrong when I started to feel like I losing too much of myself in the relationship. Being a rebellious Aquarius I would play hot and cold. I wanted him but at the same time I wanted be free of him so I could be my regular free spirited self.

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I did not know how to express this to him at the time, instead I'd just ignore his calls or texts whenever he wanted to ask me out on a date. I would do stupid stuff when my Pisces was around like hug and laugh affectionately with other guy friends to make him jealous or I would post pictures with friends on social media just so he would call me or text me first. Usually he was upset and wanted to know who these people were.

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I'd tell him to calm down and that they were just some friends and that I was glad he called I'd missed him and that he should stop being so jealous because I only wanted him. The poor guy was so sweet and would apologize about getting upset and being jealous when in REALITY I was basically being manipulative and screwed our relationship up because I didn't know how to be open and honest.

Man was I a dumb ass back then. Anyways flash forward and I'm still playing this same game with him hot n' cold with a side of manipulation and finally my Pieces speaks up and confronts me on my bullshit. He said he liked me for a really long time and he was pretty sure I felt the same way. And then he said I kept playing hot and cold with him and it was breaking his heart. He finished with saying that I didn't have to respond to him right then but he just needed me to know that I couldn't keep playing mind games with him. If did keep playing games and couldn't be real with him then he would have to end things with me.

I remember hearing that like it was yesterday. I think it's pretty rare an Aqua get sized up like that and told abut themselves. I think about him all the time and can't help but feel that had I been more mature I could have given him what he needed but in the end ever after our conversation I still broke his heart. It eats away at me to this day because he was so sweet and open and Aqua's have the ability to see straight through people and read their minds and it's pretty rare Aquas meets someone like Pisces who are just pure and dreamy and not hurt or scared by the world.

They're so hopeful and idealistic it kind of inspires Aqua's hope for humanity. I'm Pisces and my liver is Aquarius and we get along well! We are living together about 24 years and we've never had an argument! Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others.

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To provide a better website experience, pairedlife. Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. Andrea Lawrence more. Aquarius and Pisces Compatability Lots of people mistakenly think water and air elements don't go together. Pisces' Strong Will vs. Aquarius' Sensitivity Both Pisces and Aquarius have deep needs for creativity and helping others. Pisces-Aquarius Sexual Compatability Aquarians are often attracted to Scorpios because it's one of the few signs that can awaken them sexually, but other problems can arise with Scorpio.

Pisces Crave Love and Romance What's amazing about this combination is that both are intuitive, compassionate, and light-hearted. Aquarius Craves Authenticity in All Things Aquarius is constantly critically looking at the world and questioning its reality. Tips to Steady the Relationship Every zodiac sign has a unique set of strengths and weaknesses.

Advice for Pisces Dating Aquarius: Trust yourself. If you don't trust yourself and your surroundings, you'll manipulate others. Recognize the power of your love. You have great capacity for love, which makes you knowledgeable about what is unloving. Always chose love, even if the world makes it hard on you.

When you hold back love, it's very hard on people. It may become a burden that people depend on you so much, that when you leave, it is very hard for people to move on. Whether you know this or not, your love is needed—not just for others, but for yourself. Don't let people abuse your love. It's okay to step away and do something that maintains your own security.

Tend to creative projects to help your own energy when you want to go deep, but someone else is stuck in shallow waters. Seek to be understanding, not threatening. You know you don't want to be threatening deep down because what you really want and crave, what you really want to believe, is the face of love. Advice for Aquarius Dating Pisces: Don't be afraid to take off your mask. People see you as a brilliant thinker, but they are touched and moved when you truly reveal yourself—when you reveal the motive behind it all.

Open up your beauty; be bold, be courageous. When you feel it in your spirit, go. When you know it with all your heart, go with that decision. Accept yourself for who you are. Continue to be your eccentric self; grow, thrive, and nourish your heart. Love your own inner child. Be accepting of yourself.

Aquarius Social Anxiety

When you accept yourself, others will accept you too. Don't be afraid of who you are, because you are exactly what you need to be. Stay away from anger. Find ways to smile. Don't get lost in the occult or impulsive actions. Don't be a pushover. Don't be easily tricked. It's okay to say no or to stop something when it has turned sour.