Are oppositions bad in astrology

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My personal website: stenudd. Complete Horoscope by Stefan Stenudd. It is the next to strongest of the aspects after the conjunction. The classical astrology meaning of an opposition is that the powers involved are separated and opposed, so that at a given moment either one or the other is at work - rarely both. The relation can be described as one of "either or". Because two powers oppose like this, the result is a heightened force for both of them in the horoscope. In some cases, there can be three or more points in an opposition, if one or both sides of it has a conjunction.

Of course, such an opposition is even more important. Origin The origin of the astrological significance of the opposition is no mystery: When two planets in the sky are exactly opposite one another, with the Earth in between, they are as separated as possible. And in the Zodiac, the signs that are opposite one another are indeed as different as can be - they share quality cardinal, fixed, or mutable but not element, which means that they tend in opposite directions with the same persistence.

The Oppositions of the horoscope. Zodiac signs on the opposite of one another are in opposition aspects. The same is true for the twelve Houses of the horoscope, as can be seen in the image. Keywords There is no room here to describe all the possible oppositions and how they should be interpreted. Instead, see the keywords for the planets below, and you will probably figure out what their oppositions will signify.

Also take into consideration the Zodiac sign each planet is in, which tells you more about the nature of that planet's influence - and even more so the Houses of the opposing planets, which inform you of where in your life the opposition is mainly active. Like the names imply, hard aspects are thought to bring challenges and difficulties, while soft aspects make things flow more easily. I agree with this theory, as I have seen it in action in both Natal and Predictive Astrology. An example of this would be the idea that hard aspects to the Moon can result in aggression or even cruelty.

One of the people used to illustrate this point is notorious serial killer, John Wayne Gacy, whose Natal Chart is shown below. Fox, and the list goes on. To my knowledge, none of these people are particularly cruel or aggressive, let alone serial killers. But you know who does have hard aspects to the Moon?

So… theory debunked. Squares are generally considered to bring challenges and tensions between two planets. Now, take a look at the chart below:.

Notice the Square between Mars and Mercury? Most Western Astrologers associate Mercury with the mind and intellect, while Mars is considered to be an emotionally intense planet.

Conjunction - good for pleasure, love, clothes. Sextile - good for financial affairs, buying jewellery. Square - good for sports, marriage, hiring servants. Trine - good for love affairs and wearing new clothes if the Moon is not in Leo. Opposition - bad for money as causes extravagance and can also lead to trouble in love. Conjunction - bad for journeys and dealing with soldiers or doctors.

Sextile - good for buying houses, weapons, tools, contests and fights. Square - bad in general especially for marriage, friendship and dealing with the influential. Trine - good for hunting, war, dealing with martial people. Opposition - bad for journeys, friendships and dealing with women. A bad time to begin anything of importance. Conjunction - good for dealing with lawyers, doctors, churchmen and professionals. Sextile - good for making decisions, marriage, investing and speculating.


Square - good for studying but bad for speculation and dealing with the legal profession. Trine - good for new ventures, dealing with professionals. Opposition - unlucky for journeys.

When Planets Are Across the Zodiac Wheel

Conjunction - bad, especially when dealing with the elderly, those ruled by Saturn, journeys, businesses and new venture Sextile - good for building, mining, dealing with the elderly, magistrates and officials, bad for affairs involving women. Square - bad in general but especially for taking medicine and travel.

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Trine - good for repairing, old places, building and agriculture. Opposition - bad for starting a new enterprise, engaging employees, financial investment, seeking favours. Positive aspects are good for dealing with government bodies, joining groups studying mystical matters, starting electrical work and aviation.

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  • Negative aspects are bad for journeys, removals, making friends, marriage and electrical danger. Positive aspects are good for social work, travel by water, art, music, visiting institutions and anaesthetics. Negative aspects are bad for travel, speculation, affairs, marriage, contracts, operations, beginning artistic work. Positive aspects are good for pest control. The signs and elections.

    Astrological Aspects - Good and Bad - Various Viewpoints

    The cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn signify things that alter and last a short time. For matters such as planting, buying and selling, placing the ascendant in these signs can be useful. If considering the length of a journey it can be shortened by placing the ascendant in one of these signs. Promises and agreements made when one of these signs is rising are more likely to be met speedily.

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    The fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius ensure that things will last a long time. Therefore those signs are well placed on the ascendant when considering charts for marriage, building or any venture you wish to last. The mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces rising show that matters will not necessarily endure a long time. By house. Specific houses need to be considered for specific elections.

    Many of the older rules may be adapted to other situations. It is impossible to offer detailed rules for every circumstance, so in addition to following the general rules it is suggested that you read the examples for the house that is associated with the matter in hand and adapt the rules accordingly. First house matters The first house rules the appearance. Any matter to do with your appearance comes under the remit of this house. Second House matters The second house is associated with matters related to finance. Elections to do with personal finances, money lent, making profits are governed by this house.

    Your bank account, salary and all items that you own are governed by this house. Third house matters The third house is associated with short journeys, writing letters and passing on messages. Anything concerned with short journeys, such as cars, falls under the remit of the third house. It governs all forms of communications including telephone calls and email. Fourth house matters The fourth house governs matters related to land, houses, the ending of any matter, gardens and gardening.

    Buying a home. Fifth House matters The fifth house is related to any matters associated with pleasure - throwing a party, beginning a love affair, and gambling. Matters of entertainment, theatre, pubs are ruled by this house. Speculation in general comes under the remit of the fifth house including the stock markets. Sixth house matters The sixth house relates to people who work for you, and elections concerned with giving people employment.

    All matters of service and work come under this house. It governs trade and merchandise. Additionally the sixth house governs all matters to do with health and illness. Seventh house matters The seventh house governs all types of partnerships including marriage. Eighth house matters The eighth house governs inheritances, and money that belongs to others.

    It also governs the payment of taxes. It also governs matters related to death, such as undertaking and the resources of your partner.